Symbortica, A Shattered World

Part 8: 2 months is a lie

10 days later…

We reach to Telorus. THE Grand Mayor wishes to speak, he beckons me over to discuss the gun.
I tell him that it’s difficult to aim. He passes the message onto the engineers, he thanks me for the help and says he’s going to Veponia and we don’t need to join him because we have done enough already. He gives us our share of the green metallic ore that we found on the meteor. I can go to the trade post to exchange reports to the engineers.

If we decide to go, he will cover the costs of our crew and lodging.
Disputes of loot will be resolved by order of peers.
Raping and pillaging? Do whatever as long as we don’t burn their former lands or their currently controlled lands.

18 day trip, it’s en route to our original destination.

We go buy some things, Ursanguous gets into some brawl fight while myself and Pexima are chilling in a bar. I hear something and decide to check it out with Pexima. The thugs ran off in a girly fashion, just as we walk out and the net falls on Ursanguous. Pexima runs after one of the thugs.

After I free Ursanguous, I fly over to see what Pexima was up to. I see a thug bleeding out, so I stabilized him. Guards come and surround Pexima, and he decides to bluff and I assist them but one of the guards wasn’t swayed. While trying to thing of other methods to save ourselves, their captain arrives and lets us off. Pexima promises not to eat anyone’s arms off anymore while in the town.

We go back to the bar, and the innkeeper turns hostile and pulls a lever from the counter. We fall into a trap but land without casualties. He then proceeds to grab his crossbow.

Bar fight ends. And there’s a wall of hand prints on it, and it unlocks a hidden hallway. I dodged the arrow trap. We can barely hear whispers down the hall. I stealth and peak around the corner near the torch. I see a Sklynch and 3 humans. The Sklynch is narrower and taller than I’ve seen before, and it has an intimidating presence. We hide in a perfect hiding spot and eavesdrop their conversation mostly about the gun I looted. The henchmen go back upstairs and we follow them. Looks like they abandoned ship.

The guard captain busts in and we hand him the note, notifying him about the Sklynch High-Priestess in the inn. We evacuate and guards are sent to the mayor of the town as they lock up the inn and we go back to the docks to have a meeting with the Grand Mayor. I hand over my guns so the engineers can craft a double barrel gun for me.

He hands me a thing that looks like a grenade, another experiment perhaps. Apparently, we’re using more grenades against the High Priestess. They bring out a mech-suit sort of thing. Something about hydraulics. He gave me a temporary gun, same as before since they’re working on my other guns.

We follow the mech-thing while it reeks havoc and destruction. We find another teleportation device. Pexima calls out the Mind Flayer and luckily nobody runs in fear. He tells us how to reactivate it. The Grand Mayor takes the device and asks about the charred guy, the High Priestess’ doing.


zeress Alkeia

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