Symbortica, A Shattered World

Part 10: DAFUQ?!

We come out of the hallowed mountain and return to the fleet.
Grand Mayor wants to know what’s in there. After being told there were invisible dudes, his plan was to get the hell out of here.

Bear-man and I notice something and we investigate. As we carefully go down the ramp, we notice an unnatural white light in the storage bay. We see a not-so-friendly sklynch doing weird magicks. Luckily, he hasn’t caught sight of us yet.

Bear-man uses his detect magic and realizes that the strange magicks are related to the moon man.
We see the outline of a faceless one appearing as the chanting goes on. Whatever spell that is, it looks like he’s almost done casting it.

Bear-man jumps out and surprises him, startling the sklynch. He admits that he doesn’t need the box to communicate with that being. He cleans up his utensils that we didn’t see before.
We go back to sleep and then we wake up but the cube wakes up Pexima first.
Apparently it wants us to go find that child for some reason, and then we find out she disappeared.

We find out that the little girl isn’t all she seems to be. We are informed that she is a vessel for the ancient one’s magic. The ghost trapped in the sklynch has also regained all its memory.

We’re screwed.
We are given a magical compass. It tracks down the coin that controls the belker.
We tell the captain that we’re “saving” the little girl.

We get to the coast, mostly a jungle. We receive a message through the captain’s bird, which tells us that the belker flew off somewhere west in the middle of the night.
The jungle has an unnatural feel to it, Bear-man feels a weird magical aura everywhere. We’re starting to feel heavier and almost lifeless. We hear a very loud explosion and a huge beam from the west. The aura dissipates. Pexima and I feel a build-up of power inside us that we never felt before.

The jungle clears up to a big huge temple complex, wore out but still in use.
Off in the distance, we hear the former sklynch now in his newly reborn mindflayer body.
As we approach, the buildings appear bigger than they seem. Then they expand.
We get to the stairwell in the main complex, and the mindflayer appears before us. We all cower in fear, except Luna. It says it will spare us for recreating its body. The floor collapses beneath us, roof closes, gas seeps in and we all pass out.

Sailors wake us up and ask us about the explosion, because we appeared from nowhere.
We row on the dinghy boat and notice a lot of confused sailors sitting around. Some even start casting spells. Grand Mayor asks us the same question the sailors asked. The mindflayer in the cube had his answer.

Now that everyone on this realm has magic, we had to tell our sailors not to cast fire on the ship. That had already been handled by our captain, since he was an adept caster himself. Even some of the sailors now are magically attuned to their newfound ability.

We make it to Vep.
Local mayor greets us and are happy to see us. It seems the warfront had much success since magic enveloped this world.

We are guided to a cave with the local commander and a mix of human, sklynch and seproki. Pexima beats up a bat and eats it, remarking that it tastes like chicken. Bear-man decides to turn the rock to clay, so that the locals can save up their gunpowder and explosives.

He finds a trap door and climbs down with his rope; I jump down and flapped my wings once so I don’t fall. We’re following a leyline path that emerged from his staff. We head off to the magic crafting room (according to this druidic map that Bear-man can only read).

Bear-man and Luna get goodies from the chest. Then we head to the armory. I found two +2 Adamantine scimitars. Pexima gets an Adamantine buckler. There’s some spare equipment left that we could salvage for the other soldiers in the cave.

Bear-man notices a note written on the wall. It warns whoever comes here to not pull on the switch. We then decide to go to the food hall. Looks like a usual place, tables and benches, except with rotten food.

Bear-man finds a loose tile on the floor and wrenches it open to find a dead rat with a necklace around it, turns out to be magical of some sort.

Suddenly, the rooms rotate when one of the levers is pulled. There’s a light coming up from above us now, so I fly up while Pexima climbs the ladder and Bear-man climbs his rope. There’s some spiders skittering around, some broken boxes. There are two separate hallways now. The one on the right looked like an old auditorium; the one down south has a set of stairs that go straight upwards.

We go into the auditorium, nothing special here. There’s a back area though, filled with bookcases and worn out chairs that were formerly fancy. Some of these books are written in various languages, some Sklynch, some Ancient Sklynch and some translated.
Everyone but Pexima and Luna hear skittering footsteps. We encounter a ton of ants. They opened a hole in the wall, leading into another cave that splits into more pathways with more skittering footsteps.

We go up the stairway, looks like an observatory with a telescope. The telescope appears to be magical. Pexima peers into the telescope and zooms in only soon to cower in the corner sucking his tail; sounds like he saw a mindflayer. We explore the other parts of this place and see a sleeping room full of crap, we walk into another hallway where it seems to be a gambling room, with dice lying on the floor.

Bear-man picks it up and gets shocked by them, then pockets them. We go into the room across the hall and turns out to be an actual library. Bear-man climbs the ladder, which emanates magic. He touches a book, and looks rather ill. Bear-man searches the desk and finds a key, and opens a drawer to find a skeleton key and pockets it.

Pexima drools over a cook book that he found when he climb atop the magical ladder.
I step onto the ladder and it senses my special needs, taking me to a special book. I find an advanced book for ancient gunpowder. Interesting, I’ll probably send this to the engineers back with the Grand Mayor so I can have better ammo.

We leave the library and unlock a secret passage to an underwater reservoir from fiddling around with the crank button. We return to the soldiers and they got rid of the ant infestation and shoot Pexima a questioning look because he’s carrying the ladder.

We tell the mayor about our findings and hand our books to him (except the human cook book). We have giant ant for dinner (cooked with directions from the book) and we spend the night with the smell of giant ant.


zeress Alkeia

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