Symbortica, A Shattered World

Part 4

Day 59

We are still in the ruins where the dinosaurs attacked us.

We continue along through the dungeon, and find a room with two snare traps and skeletal corpses. Inside is a trapped chest containing a button. The button turns on the electricity in the facility.

The group then continues along the only path available, which leads to stairs, heading downwards.

There is a dead T-Rex slumped over an electric fence. The Sklynch decides to eat some of it, and is shocked by the fence. The fence is then disabled and bypassed by the group, and an observation room. We follow the scent left on some notes in the room to another room farther down the hall. Luna stops at the wall and sits, indicating the smell leads through the wall. The party then follows some cabling connected to the wall to a nearby room. We open a secret door, and follow Luna through a “new” looking portion of the runes.

Unfortunately Luna steps on an alarm trap, and the group is trapped in a wall of energy. From the darkness emerges an ancient one, in the flesh. This sends the rogue and warrior into a panic, running for their lives. The group is released, and follows along with the ancient one after it proves to be at least neutral for the moment. We are then transported to another facility by the ancient one’s vastly superior technology, off the coast of the Travasari Island.

The party leaves the facility, and explores the island, finding a lagoon amidst the terrain, and after an arduous process obtains a box, with scrolls and a ring. We find more chests clutched by vines, however the warrior notices a deer pulled into the water by similar vines. After liberating the chest, the party is chased off by a shambling mound. The party retreats to safety.

The Druid equips a cursed amulet which reduces his movement speed by half.

The party rests for a day, and continues on to Vitharr, which takes two weeks. => Day 74.


zeress Ryuuga

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