Symbortica, A Shattered World

Part 5

Day 74 – Vitharr

Pexima bought Iron Half Plate.

Civil War, Sklynch Conglomerate, Republic versus Theocracy.
We’ve decided to support the Republic for money.

Blew up granary of Theocratic side, race to the other side of island on boat. First Mate is badass.

7 Days to get to the other side of the island.


Taken to the leader.
Rather surprised at the effect of blowing up the Granary, as it destroyed the entire theocratic base on the island.
The High Priestess is attacking a town due out of desperation due to lack of food.

-Battle of the Etricus
Tunnels collapsed, other tunnel tar filled and set on flame.
Enemy Trebuchets broke, flanked by Musket Dragoons, misfired trebuchets destroyed a quarter of the enemy forces. Muskets have devastating effect on the enemy. Vera killing a few enemy commanders in the breach.
Fire obscuring Priestess.
Enemy priestess about to do something stupid, shoot into the blind. Enemy lizard mounts appears into the breach.
‘Oda Nobunaga’ of the Republic, took an arrow to the shoulder.

Enemy routs.
Destroyed 3/4 Regiment (5000 strong before), reports though that a few platoons have taken a few cities on the island.
4000 exp.


zeress Acularius

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