Symbortica, A Shattered World

Part 6

We get a cut of the loot after the battle and each get 1 gold coin.
Druid offers to lend his healing to the injured.
I offer my scouting services.
Sklynch helps out with grunt work.
It seems we’re staying here for a week.

They explain to us in detail about the teleportation near the city.
Apparently they plan to abandon this city as well, taking their supplies with them.
We were offered to join them in their sail to the East, which is the same direction we’re headed.

I ask about the guns they use, he goes in detail about muskets.
Unfortunately no pistols are available in their firearms cache.
They offer to train us in musket proficiency, that’s not an offer to turn down.

I noticed the Grand Mayor practicing alone with his breach-loaded rifle.
It seems that it works differently than the muskets, curious, I approach him.
He praises me for my good eye, and tells me it uses a different prototype than muskets do.
He reveals that he wanted to develop a firearm for my race but never knew our flight capabilities.
He advises me to go to their engineer if I were to accept his proposition.
I fly over to the other ship and get acquainted with the engineers, and answered his questions about my flight patterns.
We get to work for the next two months.

No pirate encounters during our sail so far.
Soon, the Druid and I see an island in the distance; we then relay the news to the Grand Mayor.
Grand Mayor asks about our ship. We explain that it’s best not to question it.
However, the Sklynch insists on not lying and sets the cube down.
Fortunately for the Grand Mayor, he was not terrified about the Ancient One that emerged; and resolved to not question us any further.

We dock near the island.
As we approach, we see cracks in the rock; the ship cannot get any closer.
So we use the dingy and get to the coastline.
Sklynch ponders aloud if the Ancient One knows about the island.
We tell the Grand Mayor and his crew to look away so they don’t scream in fear at the presence of the Ancient One.
One of the sailors rushes back to the ship, frightened by the Ancient One.
This island is the same one on the map that was given to us, and apparently an old run down facility is here as well, but not the same as the last one.

We agreed to scout the island and tell the Grand Mayor to secure the place for now.
Druid uses his eagle eyes to see a volcano that hasn’t been activated yet.
We head towards the mountain.
I see a grotesque spider and its webs, luckily it doesn’t notice us yet.
We destroyed some of the webs, and then we get ready to fight it.
We killed it with relative ease.
Sklynch eats the deer that was in a wiggling sac.
There are a few others, two pirates and a small animal.
It seems the small being is grateful for its rescue and follows me around.

We head back to the Grand Mayor and let him know about a pirate ship that were docked nearby.
I make my report to the engineer about the pistol, a coup de grace against a paralyzed grotesque spider.
Later we make our way to the pirate ship in that coven surrounded by deep arbor.
Druid, I and my small companion notice the Captain pacing around wondering what to do.
Captain tries to hide on the ship when he sees some of his pirate crew.

They were trying to look for treasure but most of their crew was slaughtered by that spider we fought earlier.
We board the ship and head to the Captain’s chambers.
Sklynch breaks down the door with his axe and frightens the Captain more, as he soiled himself.
We commandeer his ship, two horses and the man himself as a sailor on our ship; other loot: 3 silver goblets, 80 silver coins, 3 gold coins, assorted silverware.

20 of the silver coins went to the two newly hired members for their loyalty and silence.
The fleet came around with two new ships at their command.


zeress Alkeia

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