Symbortica, A Shattered World

Part 9 - Welcome to the Jungle

3 out of 7. (Layover)

Grand Mayor beckons us for a meeting, as well as several other sea captains.
Reports of enemy mercenary ships. Difficult to get to Veponia. Flood gates on the huge ass rivers.
Off to the huge ass river to traverse.

Day off in the town. [Day 4]
- Pexima has diarrhea. (Until Day 7)

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7
Orphan child out to town (Bear).
Best food EVAH! 5 silver! Bear pays! Angel enjoyed food!
Bear is a jackass about the ‘Legend of Margaret’ to Pexima.
Girl found an interesting coin, depicts moon (monster) man and gives it to the bear.
Gem in the middle. Focusing iris. Light code, feels supernatural.
Focusing iris for magic (Ghost flesh lizard).
Pexima is cured!

3 days later a meteor storm happens.
Shit gets serious. By serious, I mean a light storm. Our ship is k.
Nothing awesome was found that day.

3 days later. At the flood plains.
Skeleton crewed Pirate ship leads the way. Approaches the delta. Is k.
We move on.
See towns. Is nice. Republic control towns.
Signal has been sent out to halt the fleet. Note was brought by bird.
“Go Flagship”
Fire off in the distance. Abnormal amount of smoke. Not nice.
Should we send a foot-crew to check it out. Bearman gets a messenger bird.

Burning wood and flesh were becoming more apparent in smell as we closed on the city.
Armed Sklynch with half plate.
Pexima shouts ’Food NO!" as the messenger birds flies away with the message to the fleet ’Theocracy Detected"
Run to the Jungle.
2 guys on Belkers run into a tree.
As the chase continues, the one dive bomb fireballs Pexima!
Fucking his shit up!
Steph shoots herself!

Little girl gains a Belker. Little Timmy.
About 120-140 Theocratic troops.
Town supply of mines being thrown into the water.
Steph disarmed the mines.

Town retaken, dams raised. Rest for the evening.
Steph gains a better dagger.
Pexima has gained a permanent stat bonus. STR +1
Bear man gains druid staff.

Parrot now speaks.
Little Girl FIRIN’ HER LAZER! (Petulia)
Some huge explosion in the distance.
Moon man says coin amplifies innate magical properties by 4 (cap), and Belker.

Find a small inlet island. Uncharted.
New cave! Into the cavern.
Old ancient buildings in the cavern. Ancient one ruins.
Druid staff pulsates. Bear man finds energy line into the cavern. Ley line detector (Skill one).
Stone door. Staff opens door.
Inside is well lit and maintained.
Straight narrow way.
Descended into a room with broken tables.
Staff combines with the orb in the chest! (THIS ISN’T EVEN ITS FINAL FORM!)
Many more ley lines were found, even the minor ones.
Ate a rat with a silver ring. Its magic.
Ring tightly embraces the finger.
Ominous Ring of Featherwalking. [Eventually I will feel hungrier]
I feel something ominous in the room that the major ley line went into. I hear steps noone else can hear.
Door opened on its own where the footsteps were coming from. I see scary fucker…
Rest of party sees ‘Invisible Stalker’.
Pexima eats the Invisible stalker.
Ring becomes looser and Pexima took it off.

Room does some crazy movement. Steph detects traps. Disables the trap.
To the chest that calls for me.
I see a halberd in the box. Faceless one carved on the halberd. Went to touch it. I know what it does.
Cold Iron Halberd of Mind sap. Chance on hit to drain 2 WIS DC 15 Will check.

2 Other boxes.
Bear man finds a cloak. Wave of knowledge on touch.
Cloak of Foresight.

1 last box.
Steph opens it. Wave of knowledge on touch.
Leather vest of dexterity. +2 Dex.


zeress Acularius

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