Symbortica, A Shattered World

Session II

The adventure continues.
9 Days from the last session.

Day 12, Arrived back at the Capital of Travas.
Set off to recruit sailors from the Sailor’s Guild, nearing dinner time.
The bear points out a knowledgeable looking Sailor, we tell him we are going to the ‘Rift’. We tell him are looking for a crew of 9 people to sail the ship.

We managed, with the Bear’s silver tongue to bring their wages for 9 people to 1.8G a year, and 5% of the plunder. On top of this, they agree to bring the initial rations for the trip [12 days worth].
Sailors say they need to fix up the boat.
Bear found a small lump of gold (60 SP).
Angel found a smaller lump of gold (30 SP)
Lizard finds Pyrite, thinks its gold. Sad Lizard. I ended up not ending the ‘gold’.
Sleep on the boat.

Day 13,
Lizard is poor, he gives up Magnificent portion of his wealth of 13 SP and his ‘small lump of gold’ (Pyrite, both the Lizard and the Captain don’t really know. ‘60 SP’) Bear gave up his lump of gold (60 SP), and the Angel gave up her small lump of gold (30 SP) and 30 SP.

Setting off East along the coast of Sklynch, eventually to follow the current once past the island of Travasari. Staying along the coast will allow the group to save on supplies.

Day 39,
We 1500 km along on our journey.
First big ‘town’ on the coast. Wiedeburg.
Week rest at this place for the crew.
Hear about a ‘Old Pirate’s Treasure’, the bear again uses his guile to gain more information that directs the group to the cave. There seems to be sounds of howling around it. The lizard suspects Were Bears.

Groups heads out to the cave, well forested area.
Cave looks deep dark and well vegetated… with scary looking vegetation.
After defeating a swarm of rats immediately upon entering the cave, the party defeats them and the Lizard consumes them to no ill effect. Delicious. (200 Experience)

The bear inspects a fountain in the cave. Bear finds a Silver Coin. Huzzah!
We found a room with 3 levers along the East Wall. Down-Down-Up (positions), tiles along the floor.
Bear pushes the middle lever up. Down-Up-Down
pushes first lever up. Up-Up-Up
A sound was heard to the South. Bear leaves the levers alone. Rolls a reflex save and dodges an arrow just barely.
We find a room with a mirror, that speaks with a spectral voice… the bear approaches the mirror and asks ‘What is up with this cave?’
“Run by the pirate’ (Longbeard, misnomer, not very long beard)
Who are you?
‘I don’t know, a spirit bound to a mirror’
When did the door open?
“Just now, before, maybe 200 years ago”

Head back out into the cave, further south. We notice the smell of rotting corpses and blood is found on the wall. The bear inspects the area, (25), the blood stains are not very recent… and the rotten log is of the same wood as the wood inside.
The party decides to head east at another check point, we notice an iron chandelier and that the smell of corpses is getting stronger.
The Rogue disables one trap. We head to another fork.
Party heads East, the stench is getting stronger, even the lizard doesn’t approve.
Combat begins against 3 pirates.
All dead, last called for mercy, Angel delivered the DEATH BLOW!!!

Bear checks for Pirate #1, a bunch of gems (51 SP worth)
Lizard gets 20 SP, assorted gems.
Angel gets a regular scimitar and Masterwork Leather Armour.

Find a dead guy heading north, blood written on the wall “Beware of the zombies”… recently killed.
We leave with the spectral mirror, bring it with us on the ship. Ghost guarding the ship is sucked up into the ship. Ghost fight inside the mirror.
Return to the cave, the next day.

Day 40,

Evil Ghost won the mirror fight. Hide the mirror in the ‘secret’ compartment.
Head back to the cave.
3 zombies against the party. Fast Zombies. Fantastic.

Ghost mirror, is haunting the ship because the Sklynch took the ‘Amathur’. The Ghost wants the box returned, and promises goods or knowledge of the ‘Old Ones’.
Name of the mirror is Apollos.

Zombie infection spreads like wildfire.
Ran to the ship from the Mayor’s secret passage, ghost shield is effective against zombies.
Getting the hell out of that place.

Going to the place the ghost told us about to return Amathur.


zeress Acularius

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