Symbortica, A Shattered World

The Cube

Day 40:
We are sailing to a faraway island to return the Amathur.
It will take 11 days to get there.

Sailor lends the lizard a net and asks him if he knows how to use it.
The lizard replies, “I think so.”
He stupidly drops his net in the water but another sailor grabs it in time.
Sailors get a little skeptical and asks the Bear-man if he knows how to fish with a net.
He passes with flying colours and retreats to his cabin to eat his fish.

I approach the lizard mopping in the corner and ask him to spar with me.
He offers me a spar dunce hat, since he has many (for some odd reason).
I swing my scimitar and missed a blow while sparring with the lizard.
We learned nothing new from this practice.

I sit in my cabin for 8 days, brandishing my blades; letting none disturb me.
Evil Ghost informs us that we are nearly on the island and warns us about traps.
Bear-man writes down the instructions to disabling them.

Day 48:
There was a bad storm, but it didn’t affect us much so we continued our sail.

Day 51:
We reach the island, a mossy area occupied with ruins.
We notice to a broken tower in the middle of the area, but the road along the way is dangerous.
There are a few usable docks west from the tower.

Evil Ghost tells us what happens if we step on the grey tiles.
It shows us a dead corpse who attempted to, a fair warning.
We decide our course of action: I can either fly my way there and ditch the crew or I lead them along the way, avoiding the traps.

We make our way up to the tower (with the Evil Ghost) and the door is locked in.
There are dead Sklynch on the other side of the door due to a fire trap.
Poor sod.

It’s been looted recently, the place looks trashed.
Bear-man determines that this tower contains a potent magical aura.

Pedestal located in the middle the room, the size of which fits the box we have.
Lizard approaches and places the box on the pedestal.
Pedestal lights up like a beacon, which the Lizard expresses his awe.

Lizard asks Evil Ghost a few questions.
Evil Ghost explains that the Ancient Ones are on the moon.

Evil Ghost leads us to a bookcase and tells us to push the button.
Bear-man pushes it with his staff and the bookcase swings open, revealing a shiny chest.
It has a intricate lock system, but the Evil Ghost unlocks it for us.

Inside of the chest, there is a cube used for communication.
Evil Ghost lets us know that it can be used to speak with the Ancient Ones.

There are also bags here.
Lizard picks the middle, Bear-man picks the one on the right and I got the last bag.
Lizard finds some money (1GP)
Bear-man gets a ruby (20SP) and some Naval charters
I get some chunks of metal ore that I’ve never seen before, gleaming with a green glow.

Bear-man asks how to use the cube to speak to the Ancient Ones.
Evil Ghost pushes a tile.
The device hums a bit, and a projection appears. It’s a bit fuzzy.

A Cthulhu-like being appears, it tries to speak but we don’t understand his language.
He appears to fiddling around with something and now speaks Common.
Lizard bolts out of the room, Evil Ghost follows him with a sigh and convinces him to come back.
Bear-man and I stare at the door behind them and shake our heads.

Ancient One asks if Lizard is okay, and points to a chest with food.
Lizard nearly throws up after a bite, dumbfounded by the taste.
Lizard gets one and a half loaf of magic bread.

Ancient One is thankful that we brought back the communication device (the cube thing).
It explains to us the true nature of the Evil Ghost.
We ask it questions.
Ancient One tells us why they exist, making Bear-man and Lizard confused on their faith in their respective religions.
Lizard is confused why his bread sates his hunger, he is told that it is magical.

Bear-man asks about the meteors that crashed on the moon.
Green ore that I found is related to it, having weird affects on biological creatures of the Ancient Ones’ era.
Bear-man is now protected by the ill effects of the green metal.

Zombies did not exist in the Ancient Ones’ time.
It only spread plague when the meteor crashed in a cave we had been to before.
No one was stupid enough to enter it until now.
Lizard ponders why the Ancient One looks so tasty.
The meteor is causing some side effects to the Sklynch, warping them.

Ancient One updates the old maps we were carrying.
It also tunes the communication tube to his frequency and marks the leylines (bodies of water) on the map.

Evil Ghost gets his memory wiped except for important bits.
It’s new body is a Sklynch.
His name is Aegus.

Ancient One disables all the traps around the tower.
We have half an hour to leave this place.

We return to our ship and inform the sailors that Aegus is a survivor.
We secretly agreed not to tell them the truth.
It takes 3 days to get to another island.

Day 54:
Scorched island, definitely hit by a meteor.
Lizard finds a box.
Unable to communicate with the Ancient One using the cube.

Day 59:
Aegus can now walk properly.
This island is more pristine, a better shape than the last one was.
There’s a tower here.

Ancient One tells us it’s crawling with creatures.
All the traps are disabled by it.

We explore the tower.
It’s nice and cozy in here.
We hear footsteps across the hallway.
We walk down the hallway and come across a room.
Combat with two Deinonychus.
One dead, and the other flees to grab help.
A lengthy fight, stuff refused to die.


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