Symbortica, A Shattered World


The adventure begins!

We begin our journey at Kingdom of Travas Capital: Travas.
We are members of the mercenary band: Order of the Axe.
Don received Epic loot, (pudding, fruit, +1 enchanted pecan butter-tarts).
Ursa was “found” at a young age. Vera, the rogue is seeking fame and fortune. The party is a unit within the mercenary band. We are the “Axe of Fire,” as decided by Paxima and Ursa.

There is a loud noise, the company is rallied by the company commander. The company has been contracted by the Sklynch Conglomerate to go to “The Rift,” to explore and return with artifacts. Our pay, is our loot. We need to find a boat to the Rift. We overhear of an abandoned boat on the coast.

We head to a tavern. Paxima pays for a round at the bar, Vera loots a passed out drunk and finds a map with an X and a ship on it.

We sleep at the guild house. The password to enter was Sklynch. We then set off for the ship in the morning. The walk is approximately three days east along the coast. Along the way we reach a village, it takes us most of the day. Vera overhears some information about the ship and missing items from the village.

We leave the village and encounter a Sahuagin on the beach. We kill it decisively. +200 exp to all.

We finally make it to the boat, it gives off a strange aura that causes Luna to shy away. The Vera finds a button that turns off the strange aura. The boat is usable by the party, it is a Sklynch boat, suitable for travel to the rift, once repaired(???)

There is a Wraith, CR guarding the boat, when the button is turned off.

The party encounters rebel scum. Rebel Scum died to the party. +600 exp.

We return to the fishing village of Baldr, and feast upon the scum that the villagers have prepared. We ask the villagers if they know about ship repair, and they return to us with the ship, directing us to a forest to the north for the lumber they require for the repairs.

While in the forest the adventurers encounter a giant spider which uses a fatality on one of the villagers before combat. The party defeats the spider decisively. Party gains 150 exp.

Party collects lumber with remaining villagers. Ursa performs a burial rite for the dead villager. Returning the lumber takes quite a while.

A crab attacks the party at the ship while the villagers are repairing it. The party defeats the crab, and scares off another with fire. Party gains 200 experience.

With that, the prologue is completed, and the ship is repaired. The adventurers gain 1000 experience for this milestone.

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