Symbortica, A Shattered World

Part 10: DAFUQ?!

We come out of the hallowed mountain and return to the fleet.
Grand Mayor wants to know what’s in there. After being told there were invisible dudes, his plan was to get the hell out of here.

Bear-man and I notice something and we investigate. As we carefully go down the ramp, we notice an unnatural white light in the storage bay. We see a not-so-friendly sklynch doing weird magicks. Luckily, he hasn’t caught sight of us yet.

Bear-man uses his detect magic and realizes that the strange magicks are related to the moon man.
We see the outline of a faceless one appearing as the chanting goes on. Whatever spell that is, it looks like he’s almost done casting it.

Bear-man jumps out and surprises him, startling the sklynch. He admits that he doesn’t need the box to communicate with that being. He cleans up his utensils that we didn’t see before.
We go back to sleep and then we wake up but the cube wakes up Pexima first.
Apparently it wants us to go find that child for some reason, and then we find out she disappeared.

We find out that the little girl isn’t all she seems to be. We are informed that she is a vessel for the ancient one’s magic. The ghost trapped in the sklynch has also regained all its memory.

We’re screwed.
We are given a magical compass. It tracks down the coin that controls the belker.
We tell the captain that we’re “saving” the little girl.

We get to the coast, mostly a jungle. We receive a message through the captain’s bird, which tells us that the belker flew off somewhere west in the middle of the night.
The jungle has an unnatural feel to it, Bear-man feels a weird magical aura everywhere. We’re starting to feel heavier and almost lifeless. We hear a very loud explosion and a huge beam from the west. The aura dissipates. Pexima and I feel a build-up of power inside us that we never felt before.

The jungle clears up to a big huge temple complex, wore out but still in use.
Off in the distance, we hear the former sklynch now in his newly reborn mindflayer body.
As we approach, the buildings appear bigger than they seem. Then they expand.
We get to the stairwell in the main complex, and the mindflayer appears before us. We all cower in fear, except Luna. It says it will spare us for recreating its body. The floor collapses beneath us, roof closes, gas seeps in and we all pass out.

Sailors wake us up and ask us about the explosion, because we appeared from nowhere.
We row on the dinghy boat and notice a lot of confused sailors sitting around. Some even start casting spells. Grand Mayor asks us the same question the sailors asked. The mindflayer in the cube had his answer.

Now that everyone on this realm has magic, we had to tell our sailors not to cast fire on the ship. That had already been handled by our captain, since he was an adept caster himself. Even some of the sailors now are magically attuned to their newfound ability.

We make it to Vep.
Local mayor greets us and are happy to see us. It seems the warfront had much success since magic enveloped this world.

We are guided to a cave with the local commander and a mix of human, sklynch and seproki. Pexima beats up a bat and eats it, remarking that it tastes like chicken. Bear-man decides to turn the rock to clay, so that the locals can save up their gunpowder and explosives.

He finds a trap door and climbs down with his rope; I jump down and flapped my wings once so I don’t fall. We’re following a leyline path that emerged from his staff. We head off to the magic crafting room (according to this druidic map that Bear-man can only read).

Bear-man and Luna get goodies from the chest. Then we head to the armory. I found two +2 Adamantine scimitars. Pexima gets an Adamantine buckler. There’s some spare equipment left that we could salvage for the other soldiers in the cave.

Bear-man notices a note written on the wall. It warns whoever comes here to not pull on the switch. We then decide to go to the food hall. Looks like a usual place, tables and benches, except with rotten food.

Bear-man finds a loose tile on the floor and wrenches it open to find a dead rat with a necklace around it, turns out to be magical of some sort.

Suddenly, the rooms rotate when one of the levers is pulled. There’s a light coming up from above us now, so I fly up while Pexima climbs the ladder and Bear-man climbs his rope. There’s some spiders skittering around, some broken boxes. There are two separate hallways now. The one on the right looked like an old auditorium; the one down south has a set of stairs that go straight upwards.

We go into the auditorium, nothing special here. There’s a back area though, filled with bookcases and worn out chairs that were formerly fancy. Some of these books are written in various languages, some Sklynch, some Ancient Sklynch and some translated.
Everyone but Pexima and Luna hear skittering footsteps. We encounter a ton of ants. They opened a hole in the wall, leading into another cave that splits into more pathways with more skittering footsteps.

We go up the stairway, looks like an observatory with a telescope. The telescope appears to be magical. Pexima peers into the telescope and zooms in only soon to cower in the corner sucking his tail; sounds like he saw a mindflayer. We explore the other parts of this place and see a sleeping room full of crap, we walk into another hallway where it seems to be a gambling room, with dice lying on the floor.

Bear-man picks it up and gets shocked by them, then pockets them. We go into the room across the hall and turns out to be an actual library. Bear-man climbs the ladder, which emanates magic. He touches a book, and looks rather ill. Bear-man searches the desk and finds a key, and opens a drawer to find a skeleton key and pockets it.

Pexima drools over a cook book that he found when he climb atop the magical ladder.
I step onto the ladder and it senses my special needs, taking me to a special book. I find an advanced book for ancient gunpowder. Interesting, I’ll probably send this to the engineers back with the Grand Mayor so I can have better ammo.

We leave the library and unlock a secret passage to an underwater reservoir from fiddling around with the crank button. We return to the soldiers and they got rid of the ant infestation and shoot Pexima a questioning look because he’s carrying the ladder.

We tell the mayor about our findings and hand our books to him (except the human cook book). We have giant ant for dinner (cooked with directions from the book) and we spend the night with the smell of giant ant.

Part 9 - Welcome to the Jungle

3 out of 7. (Layover)

Grand Mayor beckons us for a meeting, as well as several other sea captains.
Reports of enemy mercenary ships. Difficult to get to Veponia. Flood gates on the huge ass rivers.
Off to the huge ass river to traverse.

Day off in the town. [Day 4]
- Pexima has diarrhea. (Until Day 7)

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7
Orphan child out to town (Bear).
Best food EVAH! 5 silver! Bear pays! Angel enjoyed food!
Bear is a jackass about the ‘Legend of Margaret’ to Pexima.
Girl found an interesting coin, depicts moon (monster) man and gives it to the bear.
Gem in the middle. Focusing iris. Light code, feels supernatural.
Focusing iris for magic (Ghost flesh lizard).
Pexima is cured!

3 days later a meteor storm happens.
Shit gets serious. By serious, I mean a light storm. Our ship is k.
Nothing awesome was found that day.

3 days later. At the flood plains.
Skeleton crewed Pirate ship leads the way. Approaches the delta. Is k.
We move on.
See towns. Is nice. Republic control towns.
Signal has been sent out to halt the fleet. Note was brought by bird.
“Go Flagship”
Fire off in the distance. Abnormal amount of smoke. Not nice.
Should we send a foot-crew to check it out. Bearman gets a messenger bird.

Burning wood and flesh were becoming more apparent in smell as we closed on the city.
Armed Sklynch with half plate.
Pexima shouts ’Food NO!" as the messenger birds flies away with the message to the fleet ’Theocracy Detected"
Run to the Jungle.
2 guys on Belkers run into a tree.
As the chase continues, the one dive bomb fireballs Pexima!
Fucking his shit up!
Steph shoots herself!

Little girl gains a Belker. Little Timmy.
About 120-140 Theocratic troops.
Town supply of mines being thrown into the water.
Steph disarmed the mines.

Town retaken, dams raised. Rest for the evening.
Steph gains a better dagger.
Pexima has gained a permanent stat bonus. STR +1
Bear man gains druid staff.

Parrot now speaks.
Little Girl FIRIN’ HER LAZER! (Petulia)
Some huge explosion in the distance.
Moon man says coin amplifies innate magical properties by 4 (cap), and Belker.

Find a small inlet island. Uncharted.
New cave! Into the cavern.
Old ancient buildings in the cavern. Ancient one ruins.
Druid staff pulsates. Bear man finds energy line into the cavern. Ley line detector (Skill one).
Stone door. Staff opens door.
Inside is well lit and maintained.
Straight narrow way.
Descended into a room with broken tables.
Staff combines with the orb in the chest! (THIS ISN’T EVEN ITS FINAL FORM!)
Many more ley lines were found, even the minor ones.
Ate a rat with a silver ring. Its magic.
Ring tightly embraces the finger.
Ominous Ring of Featherwalking. [Eventually I will feel hungrier]
I feel something ominous in the room that the major ley line went into. I hear steps noone else can hear.
Door opened on its own where the footsteps were coming from. I see scary fucker…
Rest of party sees ‘Invisible Stalker’.
Pexima eats the Invisible stalker.
Ring becomes looser and Pexima took it off.

Room does some crazy movement. Steph detects traps. Disables the trap.
To the chest that calls for me.
I see a halberd in the box. Faceless one carved on the halberd. Went to touch it. I know what it does.
Cold Iron Halberd of Mind sap. Chance on hit to drain 2 WIS DC 15 Will check.

2 Other boxes.
Bear man finds a cloak. Wave of knowledge on touch.
Cloak of Foresight.

1 last box.
Steph opens it. Wave of knowledge on touch.
Leather vest of dexterity. +2 Dex.

Part 8: 2 months is a lie

10 days later…

We reach to Telorus. THE Grand Mayor wishes to speak, he beckons me over to discuss the gun.
I tell him that it’s difficult to aim. He passes the message onto the engineers, he thanks me for the help and says he’s going to Veponia and we don’t need to join him because we have done enough already. He gives us our share of the green metallic ore that we found on the meteor. I can go to the trade post to exchange reports to the engineers.

If we decide to go, he will cover the costs of our crew and lodging.
Disputes of loot will be resolved by order of peers.
Raping and pillaging? Do whatever as long as we don’t burn their former lands or their currently controlled lands.

18 day trip, it’s en route to our original destination.

We go buy some things, Ursanguous gets into some brawl fight while myself and Pexima are chilling in a bar. I hear something and decide to check it out with Pexima. The thugs ran off in a girly fashion, just as we walk out and the net falls on Ursanguous. Pexima runs after one of the thugs.

After I free Ursanguous, I fly over to see what Pexima was up to. I see a thug bleeding out, so I stabilized him. Guards come and surround Pexima, and he decides to bluff and I assist them but one of the guards wasn’t swayed. While trying to thing of other methods to save ourselves, their captain arrives and lets us off. Pexima promises not to eat anyone’s arms off anymore while in the town.

We go back to the bar, and the innkeeper turns hostile and pulls a lever from the counter. We fall into a trap but land without casualties. He then proceeds to grab his crossbow.

Bar fight ends. And there’s a wall of hand prints on it, and it unlocks a hidden hallway. I dodged the arrow trap. We can barely hear whispers down the hall. I stealth and peak around the corner near the torch. I see a Sklynch and 3 humans. The Sklynch is narrower and taller than I’ve seen before, and it has an intimidating presence. We hide in a perfect hiding spot and eavesdrop their conversation mostly about the gun I looted. The henchmen go back upstairs and we follow them. Looks like they abandoned ship.

The guard captain busts in and we hand him the note, notifying him about the Sklynch High-Priestess in the inn. We evacuate and guards are sent to the mayor of the town as they lock up the inn and we go back to the docks to have a meeting with the Grand Mayor. I hand over my guns so the engineers can craft a double barrel gun for me.

He hands me a thing that looks like a grenade, another experiment perhaps. Apparently, we’re using more grenades against the High Priestess. They bring out a mech-suit sort of thing. Something about hydraulics. He gave me a temporary gun, same as before since they’re working on my other guns.

We follow the mech-thing while it reeks havoc and destruction. We find another teleportation device. Pexima calls out the Mind Flayer and luckily nobody runs in fear. He tells us how to reactivate it. The Grand Mayor takes the device and asks about the charred guy, the High Priestess’ doing.

Part 7: Fancy Title
Saving Orphans, fuck yeah!

After slaying the spider, the party continues down a path into a cave. A bat was slain. Poor bat.

A silence falls over the region as the bats from the cave dissipate. The sound of a crying girl can be heard from the cave. Exploration of the cave reveals a small hole in the ground from where the sound is coming from. The Skylnch successfully collapses the entire roof/floor and we enter the lower cavern. The girl runs in fear from the party, as we are all rather monstrous.

Pado leads the group in a “diplomatic mission” to speak with the girl (named tulia), but she vanishes into a pool within the cavern. Ursanguous uses a spell that allows him to follow her and performs a magic trick to calm her down and see past his appearance. The party then leads her out of the caves and back to the ships, collecting the metal from a meteor on the way. They then return to the island to finish exploration after resting.

While exploring for another cube to contact the ancient ones, the party encounters a giant black widow, the rogue is poisoned in the combat, but the party prevails. They then find a magic ring and the other cube. After speaking with their new “contact,” the party returns to the ship in a comical fashion.

The party then leaves the island and continues on it’s journey, with the new cube, little girl and Pado as additions to their adventure.

Part 6

We get a cut of the loot after the battle and each get 1 gold coin.
Druid offers to lend his healing to the injured.
I offer my scouting services.
Sklynch helps out with grunt work.
It seems we’re staying here for a week.

They explain to us in detail about the teleportation near the city.
Apparently they plan to abandon this city as well, taking their supplies with them.
We were offered to join them in their sail to the East, which is the same direction we’re headed.

I ask about the guns they use, he goes in detail about muskets.
Unfortunately no pistols are available in their firearms cache.
They offer to train us in musket proficiency, that’s not an offer to turn down.

I noticed the Grand Mayor practicing alone with his breach-loaded rifle.
It seems that it works differently than the muskets, curious, I approach him.
He praises me for my good eye, and tells me it uses a different prototype than muskets do.
He reveals that he wanted to develop a firearm for my race but never knew our flight capabilities.
He advises me to go to their engineer if I were to accept his proposition.
I fly over to the other ship and get acquainted with the engineers, and answered his questions about my flight patterns.
We get to work for the next two months.

No pirate encounters during our sail so far.
Soon, the Druid and I see an island in the distance; we then relay the news to the Grand Mayor.
Grand Mayor asks about our ship. We explain that it’s best not to question it.
However, the Sklynch insists on not lying and sets the cube down.
Fortunately for the Grand Mayor, he was not terrified about the Ancient One that emerged; and resolved to not question us any further.

We dock near the island.
As we approach, we see cracks in the rock; the ship cannot get any closer.
So we use the dingy and get to the coastline.
Sklynch ponders aloud if the Ancient One knows about the island.
We tell the Grand Mayor and his crew to look away so they don’t scream in fear at the presence of the Ancient One.
One of the sailors rushes back to the ship, frightened by the Ancient One.
This island is the same one on the map that was given to us, and apparently an old run down facility is here as well, but not the same as the last one.

We agreed to scout the island and tell the Grand Mayor to secure the place for now.
Druid uses his eagle eyes to see a volcano that hasn’t been activated yet.
We head towards the mountain.
I see a grotesque spider and its webs, luckily it doesn’t notice us yet.
We destroyed some of the webs, and then we get ready to fight it.
We killed it with relative ease.
Sklynch eats the deer that was in a wiggling sac.
There are a few others, two pirates and a small animal.
It seems the small being is grateful for its rescue and follows me around.

We head back to the Grand Mayor and let him know about a pirate ship that were docked nearby.
I make my report to the engineer about the pistol, a coup de grace against a paralyzed grotesque spider.
Later we make our way to the pirate ship in that coven surrounded by deep arbor.
Druid, I and my small companion notice the Captain pacing around wondering what to do.
Captain tries to hide on the ship when he sees some of his pirate crew.

They were trying to look for treasure but most of their crew was slaughtered by that spider we fought earlier.
We board the ship and head to the Captain’s chambers.
Sklynch breaks down the door with his axe and frightens the Captain more, as he soiled himself.
We commandeer his ship, two horses and the man himself as a sailor on our ship; other loot: 3 silver goblets, 80 silver coins, 3 gold coins, assorted silverware.

20 of the silver coins went to the two newly hired members for their loyalty and silence.
The fleet came around with two new ships at their command.

Part 5

Day 74 – Vitharr

Pexima bought Iron Half Plate.

Civil War, Sklynch Conglomerate, Republic versus Theocracy.
We’ve decided to support the Republic for money.

Blew up granary of Theocratic side, race to the other side of island on boat. First Mate is badass.

7 Days to get to the other side of the island.


Taken to the leader.
Rather surprised at the effect of blowing up the Granary, as it destroyed the entire theocratic base on the island.
The High Priestess is attacking a town due out of desperation due to lack of food.

-Battle of the Etricus
Tunnels collapsed, other tunnel tar filled and set on flame.
Enemy Trebuchets broke, flanked by Musket Dragoons, misfired trebuchets destroyed a quarter of the enemy forces. Muskets have devastating effect on the enemy. Vera killing a few enemy commanders in the breach.
Fire obscuring Priestess.
Enemy priestess about to do something stupid, shoot into the blind. Enemy lizard mounts appears into the breach.
‘Oda Nobunaga’ of the Republic, took an arrow to the shoulder.

Enemy routs.
Destroyed 3/4 Regiment (5000 strong before), reports though that a few platoons have taken a few cities on the island.
4000 exp.

Part 4

Day 59

We are still in the ruins where the dinosaurs attacked us.

We continue along through the dungeon, and find a room with two snare traps and skeletal corpses. Inside is a trapped chest containing a button. The button turns on the electricity in the facility.

The group then continues along the only path available, which leads to stairs, heading downwards.

There is a dead T-Rex slumped over an electric fence. The Sklynch decides to eat some of it, and is shocked by the fence. The fence is then disabled and bypassed by the group, and an observation room. We follow the scent left on some notes in the room to another room farther down the hall. Luna stops at the wall and sits, indicating the smell leads through the wall. The party then follows some cabling connected to the wall to a nearby room. We open a secret door, and follow Luna through a “new” looking portion of the runes.

Unfortunately Luna steps on an alarm trap, and the group is trapped in a wall of energy. From the darkness emerges an ancient one, in the flesh. This sends the rogue and warrior into a panic, running for their lives. The group is released, and follows along with the ancient one after it proves to be at least neutral for the moment. We are then transported to another facility by the ancient one’s vastly superior technology, off the coast of the Travasari Island.

The party leaves the facility, and explores the island, finding a lagoon amidst the terrain, and after an arduous process obtains a box, with scrolls and a ring. We find more chests clutched by vines, however the warrior notices a deer pulled into the water by similar vines. After liberating the chest, the party is chased off by a shambling mound. The party retreats to safety.

The Druid equips a cursed amulet which reduces his movement speed by half.

The party rests for a day, and continues on to Vitharr, which takes two weeks. => Day 74.

The Cube

Day 40:
We are sailing to a faraway island to return the Amathur.
It will take 11 days to get there.

Sailor lends the lizard a net and asks him if he knows how to use it.
The lizard replies, “I think so.”
He stupidly drops his net in the water but another sailor grabs it in time.
Sailors get a little skeptical and asks the Bear-man if he knows how to fish with a net.
He passes with flying colours and retreats to his cabin to eat his fish.

I approach the lizard mopping in the corner and ask him to spar with me.
He offers me a spar dunce hat, since he has many (for some odd reason).
I swing my scimitar and missed a blow while sparring with the lizard.
We learned nothing new from this practice.

I sit in my cabin for 8 days, brandishing my blades; letting none disturb me.
Evil Ghost informs us that we are nearly on the island and warns us about traps.
Bear-man writes down the instructions to disabling them.

Day 48:
There was a bad storm, but it didn’t affect us much so we continued our sail.

Day 51:
We reach the island, a mossy area occupied with ruins.
We notice to a broken tower in the middle of the area, but the road along the way is dangerous.
There are a few usable docks west from the tower.

Evil Ghost tells us what happens if we step on the grey tiles.
It shows us a dead corpse who attempted to, a fair warning.
We decide our course of action: I can either fly my way there and ditch the crew or I lead them along the way, avoiding the traps.

We make our way up to the tower (with the Evil Ghost) and the door is locked in.
There are dead Sklynch on the other side of the door due to a fire trap.
Poor sod.

It’s been looted recently, the place looks trashed.
Bear-man determines that this tower contains a potent magical aura.

Pedestal located in the middle the room, the size of which fits the box we have.
Lizard approaches and places the box on the pedestal.
Pedestal lights up like a beacon, which the Lizard expresses his awe.

Lizard asks Evil Ghost a few questions.
Evil Ghost explains that the Ancient Ones are on the moon.

Evil Ghost leads us to a bookcase and tells us to push the button.
Bear-man pushes it with his staff and the bookcase swings open, revealing a shiny chest.
It has a intricate lock system, but the Evil Ghost unlocks it for us.

Inside of the chest, there is a cube used for communication.
Evil Ghost lets us know that it can be used to speak with the Ancient Ones.

There are also bags here.
Lizard picks the middle, Bear-man picks the one on the right and I got the last bag.
Lizard finds some money (1GP)
Bear-man gets a ruby (20SP) and some Naval charters
I get some chunks of metal ore that I’ve never seen before, gleaming with a green glow.

Bear-man asks how to use the cube to speak to the Ancient Ones.
Evil Ghost pushes a tile.
The device hums a bit, and a projection appears. It’s a bit fuzzy.

A Cthulhu-like being appears, it tries to speak but we don’t understand his language.
He appears to fiddling around with something and now speaks Common.
Lizard bolts out of the room, Evil Ghost follows him with a sigh and convinces him to come back.
Bear-man and I stare at the door behind them and shake our heads.

Ancient One asks if Lizard is okay, and points to a chest with food.
Lizard nearly throws up after a bite, dumbfounded by the taste.
Lizard gets one and a half loaf of magic bread.

Ancient One is thankful that we brought back the communication device (the cube thing).
It explains to us the true nature of the Evil Ghost.
We ask it questions.
Ancient One tells us why they exist, making Bear-man and Lizard confused on their faith in their respective religions.
Lizard is confused why his bread sates his hunger, he is told that it is magical.

Bear-man asks about the meteors that crashed on the moon.
Green ore that I found is related to it, having weird affects on biological creatures of the Ancient Ones’ era.
Bear-man is now protected by the ill effects of the green metal.

Zombies did not exist in the Ancient Ones’ time.
It only spread plague when the meteor crashed in a cave we had been to before.
No one was stupid enough to enter it until now.
Lizard ponders why the Ancient One looks so tasty.
The meteor is causing some side effects to the Sklynch, warping them.

Ancient One updates the old maps we were carrying.
It also tunes the communication tube to his frequency and marks the leylines (bodies of water) on the map.

Evil Ghost gets his memory wiped except for important bits.
It’s new body is a Sklynch.
His name is Aegus.

Ancient One disables all the traps around the tower.
We have half an hour to leave this place.

We return to our ship and inform the sailors that Aegus is a survivor.
We secretly agreed not to tell them the truth.
It takes 3 days to get to another island.

Day 54:
Scorched island, definitely hit by a meteor.
Lizard finds a box.
Unable to communicate with the Ancient One using the cube.

Day 59:
Aegus can now walk properly.
This island is more pristine, a better shape than the last one was.
There’s a tower here.

Ancient One tells us it’s crawling with creatures.
All the traps are disabled by it.

We explore the tower.
It’s nice and cozy in here.
We hear footsteps across the hallway.
We walk down the hallway and come across a room.
Combat with two Deinonychus.
One dead, and the other flees to grab help.
A lengthy fight, stuff refused to die.

Session II

The adventure continues.
9 Days from the last session.

Day 12, Arrived back at the Capital of Travas.
Set off to recruit sailors from the Sailor’s Guild, nearing dinner time.
The bear points out a knowledgeable looking Sailor, we tell him we are going to the ‘Rift’. We tell him are looking for a crew of 9 people to sail the ship.

We managed, with the Bear’s silver tongue to bring their wages for 9 people to 1.8G a year, and 5% of the plunder. On top of this, they agree to bring the initial rations for the trip [12 days worth].
Sailors say they need to fix up the boat.
Bear found a small lump of gold (60 SP).
Angel found a smaller lump of gold (30 SP)
Lizard finds Pyrite, thinks its gold. Sad Lizard. I ended up not ending the ‘gold’.
Sleep on the boat.

Day 13,
Lizard is poor, he gives up Magnificent portion of his wealth of 13 SP and his ‘small lump of gold’ (Pyrite, both the Lizard and the Captain don’t really know. ‘60 SP’) Bear gave up his lump of gold (60 SP), and the Angel gave up her small lump of gold (30 SP) and 30 SP.

Setting off East along the coast of Sklynch, eventually to follow the current once past the island of Travasari. Staying along the coast will allow the group to save on supplies.

Day 39,
We 1500 km along on our journey.
First big ‘town’ on the coast. Wiedeburg.
Week rest at this place for the crew.
Hear about a ‘Old Pirate’s Treasure’, the bear again uses his guile to gain more information that directs the group to the cave. There seems to be sounds of howling around it. The lizard suspects Were Bears.

Groups heads out to the cave, well forested area.
Cave looks deep dark and well vegetated… with scary looking vegetation.
After defeating a swarm of rats immediately upon entering the cave, the party defeats them and the Lizard consumes them to no ill effect. Delicious. (200 Experience)

The bear inspects a fountain in the cave. Bear finds a Silver Coin. Huzzah!
We found a room with 3 levers along the East Wall. Down-Down-Up (positions), tiles along the floor.
Bear pushes the middle lever up. Down-Up-Down
pushes first lever up. Up-Up-Up
A sound was heard to the South. Bear leaves the levers alone. Rolls a reflex save and dodges an arrow just barely.
We find a room with a mirror, that speaks with a spectral voice… the bear approaches the mirror and asks ‘What is up with this cave?’
“Run by the pirate’ (Longbeard, misnomer, not very long beard)
Who are you?
‘I don’t know, a spirit bound to a mirror’
When did the door open?
“Just now, before, maybe 200 years ago”

Head back out into the cave, further south. We notice the smell of rotting corpses and blood is found on the wall. The bear inspects the area, (25), the blood stains are not very recent… and the rotten log is of the same wood as the wood inside.
The party decides to head east at another check point, we notice an iron chandelier and that the smell of corpses is getting stronger.
The Rogue disables one trap. We head to another fork.
Party heads East, the stench is getting stronger, even the lizard doesn’t approve.
Combat begins against 3 pirates.
All dead, last called for mercy, Angel delivered the DEATH BLOW!!!

Bear checks for Pirate #1, a bunch of gems (51 SP worth)
Lizard gets 20 SP, assorted gems.
Angel gets a regular scimitar and Masterwork Leather Armour.

Find a dead guy heading north, blood written on the wall “Beware of the zombies”… recently killed.
We leave with the spectral mirror, bring it with us on the ship. Ghost guarding the ship is sucked up into the ship. Ghost fight inside the mirror.
Return to the cave, the next day.

Day 40,

Evil Ghost won the mirror fight. Hide the mirror in the ‘secret’ compartment.
Head back to the cave.
3 zombies against the party. Fast Zombies. Fantastic.

Ghost mirror, is haunting the ship because the Sklynch took the ‘Amathur’. The Ghost wants the box returned, and promises goods or knowledge of the ‘Old Ones’.
Name of the mirror is Apollos.

Zombie infection spreads like wildfire.
Ran to the ship from the Mayor’s secret passage, ghost shield is effective against zombies.
Getting the hell out of that place.

Going to the place the ghost told us about to return Amathur.


The adventure begins!

We begin our journey at Kingdom of Travas Capital: Travas.
We are members of the mercenary band: Order of the Axe.
Don received Epic loot, (pudding, fruit, +1 enchanted pecan butter-tarts).
Ursa was “found” at a young age. Vera, the rogue is seeking fame and fortune. The party is a unit within the mercenary band. We are the “Axe of Fire,” as decided by Paxima and Ursa.

There is a loud noise, the company is rallied by the company commander. The company has been contracted by the Sklynch Conglomerate to go to “The Rift,” to explore and return with artifacts. Our pay, is our loot. We need to find a boat to the Rift. We overhear of an abandoned boat on the coast.

We head to a tavern. Paxima pays for a round at the bar, Vera loots a passed out drunk and finds a map with an X and a ship on it.

We sleep at the guild house. The password to enter was Sklynch. We then set off for the ship in the morning. The walk is approximately three days east along the coast. Along the way we reach a village, it takes us most of the day. Vera overhears some information about the ship and missing items from the village.

We leave the village and encounter a Sahuagin on the beach. We kill it decisively. +200 exp to all.

We finally make it to the boat, it gives off a strange aura that causes Luna to shy away. The Vera finds a button that turns off the strange aura. The boat is usable by the party, it is a Sklynch boat, suitable for travel to the rift, once repaired(???)

There is a Wraith, CR guarding the boat, when the button is turned off.

The party encounters rebel scum. Rebel Scum died to the party. +600 exp.

We return to the fishing village of Baldr, and feast upon the scum that the villagers have prepared. We ask the villagers if they know about ship repair, and they return to us with the ship, directing us to a forest to the north for the lumber they require for the repairs.

While in the forest the adventurers encounter a giant spider which uses a fatality on one of the villagers before combat. The party defeats the spider decisively. Party gains 150 exp.

Party collects lumber with remaining villagers. Ursa performs a burial rite for the dead villager. Returning the lumber takes quite a while.

A crab attacks the party at the ship while the villagers are repairing it. The party defeats the crab, and scares off another with fire. Party gains 200 experience.

With that, the prologue is completed, and the ship is repaired. The adventurers gain 1000 experience for this milestone.


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