A bear like people that live primarily in cave structures in the northwest mountain range on the continent of Sklynd. Fiercely defensive of their lands, they refuse any outside interference in their personal arrangements. They are always willing to trade their ores and gems to outsiders but little is known about these industrious people, other than their tribal roots.

Physical Properties

On average around 7 feet tall, these large beast men generally use their claws to fight with, but have been known to use masterfully crafted weapons. Their fur colours generally range from dark brown to black, with rarer cases of white furred Ringseri being reported.

Racial Perks for Character Creation

+2 Str, +1 Con, – 1 Dex, – 1 Wis

Special Racial Perks
  • Claw: As a standard combat action you may attack your target with your claw(s) for Xd2 damage, where X is the number of claws being used. When using 2 claws, the attack is treated as a dual wield attack at no penalty
  • Cold Resilient
    Due to their natural affinity for the cold, this race may gain an addition +2 situational bonus when doing saving rolls against cold temperature related effects.

Favored Class: Druid


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