Demon with wings by kage rott

A race of winged people with the outward appearance of a mix between angelic and demonic, they are part of the Kingdom of the Seproki. Highly centralized, these people have an antagonistic relationship with the Sklynch Conglomerate. This race is incredibly proud of its’ combat expertise, in all its’ shapes and forms.

Physical Properties

This race has rather large, angelic in appearance wings that allows for flight over short distances. Their armour is tougher than that of most humanoids. For this reason a cultural stigma exists whereby the more armour you wear, the less worthy you are. As such, this race is usually seen wearing little to no armor.


The Seproki are a savage, but highly centralized nation. Above all else fighting prowess and martial cunning are favoured among this people. As such the only semblance of a class system is how much martial prowess one possesses. This is so far in-grained into their culture that even the choice of High King is determined by a challenge of martial prowess.

While the Seproki are mostly a fighting breed of people, no nation can stand without the basic necessities. Many Seproki give up the right to fight in order to provide these basic necessities, such as farmers and craftspeople. These people are not looked down upon by their fellow brethren in arms because it is, generally, accepted that these specific individuals have given the greatest sacrifice of all in order to provide for the greater good of the realm.

Administration of Eogan

While the High King has de Jure absolute authority in the realm, de Facto the realm is run a majority of the time under the idea of autonomous vassals. Very rarely will the high king intervene in the day-to-day business of his vassals. Generally the High King only practices absolute authority when the realm is in a state of external warfare (both defensive and offensive).

Under the High King are 9 Kings of Eogan that enjoy de Facto autonomy. While normally all kings are considered equal, the King of Cynbell is normally considered with higher prestige.

Racial Perks for Character Creation

+2 Dex, +1 Wis, -1 Int, -1 Cha

Special Racial Perks
  • Flight 40, thrice per day
  • Natural Armor: Seproki gain a bonus Natural AC of 1 + level/4 (rounded down)


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